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Clogged drains can be caused by many things, including hair. We strongly recommend that you install drain catches over all of your drains, as prevention is always worth a pound of cuHave you been noticing water that looks strange or tastes strange lately? Your plumbing might be backflowing.

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Backflows occur when water pressure is altered within the pipes. As a result, the water flow further down the system may increase or decrease in various parts of the house.

Clean water is critical to the main water supply, and backflow issues must be stopped as soon as possible because of the health risks associated with dirty water. You might wonder what causes backflow.

Back pressure and back siphonage in plumbing are the two primary causes of backflow. Back pressure occurs when water flows against its natural flow. A backsiphonage can occur when the water supply pressure is lower than the system pressure.

With either instance, we can get to the root of the cause fairly quickly.  We run a few tests to determine where the pressure issue lies.  Once we find either the "too high-pressure" or "too low-pressure" area, we can then take steps to correct it.

We'll explain your options and give you a full estimate before we begin any work.  After that, you'll be free to decide how you would like to proceed.


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