Garbage Disposal

One of two things usually happens when a garbage disposal breaks:
Either they make a terrible racket, or they don't make any noise at all. There are dangers in both scenarios. A terrible racket usually indicates that the inner-bearing is worn out, which can lead to the disposal spinning out of balance.

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The pipes under the sink can actually be dislodged if the mixer spins out of balance for too long. It is now a real problem because water leaking under your sink can damage your sink cabinet, baseboards, and flooring. This is not what you want.

Another issue is when they don't make any noise at all. That means they're not running, and if that's the case, then water is going to start backing up into your sink. In modern sinks with built-in disposals, the disposal must be running in order for the water to drain effectively out of your sink and into your drainage system.

In both cases, it's important for you to contact us as soon as you find a problem with your garbage disposal.

When your garbage disposal fails, Absolute Pro Plumbing can repair it or replace it with a quality replacement disposal to restore your kitchen to working order.

We recommend that you leave garbage disposal repairs or upgrades to our skilled technicians. Our team will schedule a convenient appointment, arrive on time, complete all repairs and replacements, thoroughly clean the work area, and provide a guarantee.

What good is a garbage disposal that doesn't work properly or needs to be replaced?

Absolute Pro Plumbing installs and repairs all types of garbage disposals, from residential models to commercial foodservice models. Give us a call today


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