Leak Detection

Leaks can occur literally anywhere in your plumbing system.  They could be behind a wall, under your home, under your sink, in your yard, or even between floors in your home.  If those leaks are not detected in a timely fashion, they could cause some very expensive damage.  One of the telltale signs that you might have an undetected leak in your home is a sudden increase in your water bill.  Another sign that you might have an undetected leak is if you hear water running when you have everything turned off.

APP Plumbing

The sooner the leak is detected the less damage it will cause.  It's important that you call us here at Absolute Pro Plumbing as soon as you suspect you have a leak.

We have a variety of ways to detect leaks quickly; including video cameras and pressure tests.  All of our technicians are certified and experienced in detecting plumbing leaks in homes and buildings.  They get to the root of the problem swiftly and efficiently and use their experience and skill to save you money, and hopefully, prevent costly repairs that could be created by undetected leaks.


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